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CyberKnife vs Gamma Knife

Gamma Knife CyberKnife
Targeting accuracy applications < 1milimeter Intracranial limited soine capabilities(C1 & C2). Perfexion only. < 1 milimeter for stationary tumours < 1.5 millimeters for moving tumours intracranial and extracranial
Ability to fractionate Typically limited to a single fraction due to time resource and pain constraints. Unlimited
Image guidance None. Relies exclusively on target's fixed relative position to the stereotactic frame mechanical accuracy.May introduce 1.2-1.9 mm error (Maciunas). Continual image guidance through the treatment high resolution kv imaging automatically track, detect and correct for tumour and patient movement.
Non-coplanar delivery capabilities Hemisphere with fixed collimators enables a non-coplanar workspace capable of delivering a maximumof 201 (190 perfexion) unique beam angles. Robotic mobility enables a large non-coplanar workspace capable of seamlessly delivering more than 1200 unique beam angles without treatment interruption or the need to manually reposition the patient.
Moving tumour targeting NA Delivery, tightly contoured beams synchronised precisely to tumour motion, resulting in minimal healthy tissue exposure.
Stereotactic frames Requires invasive frames in all cases. No frame required.