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International Patients

At HCG, it has been our constant endeavor to redefine the future of healthcare through specializing in cancer care and advanced diagnosis. About 275 specialists work with HCG - The Specialists in Cancer Care. In India, we have redefined health care by designing, building and managing healthcare centres with a steadfast vision of bringing core clinical services under one roof. Our intent is to help patients achieve a longer and better life. With a network of 18 cancer centres across India, HCG makes advanced cancer care accessible to millions of people.
With quality, expertise and knowledge together transforming the healthcare environment of the country. HCG is also extending its footprint to international markets. We have established cancer centres in Tanzania and Kenya and we hope to expand further to other countries in the coming months.
At HCG, we offer all modalities of cancer treatment with the most advanced state-of-the- art technologies under one roof.
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Once our help team receives your request, the team of specialists will discuss and advise you on the appropriate line of treatment based on your medical history.

Seeking a Medical Opinion

You can seek a medical opinion from our specialists by scheduling a video consultation and discuss your medical condition in detail, before you make your travel plans.

Travel to India

Once you have confirmed your travel to India the International Patient Operations team will help you in facilitating a hassle free and comfortable travel by providing end-to-end services like visa assistance,airport pick-up, local transportation and accommodation. The team will provide you with all the required assistance during your visit.


Before you leave for India, it is important to carry the following documents with you :-

  1. Copies of your tickets
  2. Yellow fever vaccination certificate (If applicable)
  3. Quotation and other documents shared by our team
  4. Medical reports
  5. Passport
Survivor Stories
Living proof that Cancer is conquerable.
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